Study for the Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, 1494–5
Study for the Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, 1494–5

The Roots of Responsibility ERC project team is pleased to announce that the call for applications for two two-year full-time research fellowships is now open.

One of the two fellows will be based at UCL, and the other will be based at The Queen’s College, Oxford (successful candidates need not, however, relocate to London or to Oxford). Both posts are fixed-term for two years, commencing on 1 October 2019. The duties, responsibilities, and the selection criteria are identical between the two posts; therefore, we strongly encourage any candidate wishing to apply to one to apply to both, unless they have special reason to apply to one post only.

Candidates are required to have received the degree of PhD in Philosophy, Law or a related field, or be close to completion. Also essential are excellent research skills, a well-developed plan for post-doctoral research and the willingness to contribute to the intellectual life of the host institutions and of the Roots of Responsibility ERC project.

In the Person Specification for the post, we state: “Except in special circumstances, this position is not intended for those who have already had another comparable post-doctoral appointment.” This signals that the post is an “early career” one, and likely to be the post-holder’s first full-time academic appointment after the PhD.  However, we are happy to consider applications from candidates who have already had a post-doctoral academic appointment, for example, if there has been a major change of direction in the candidate’s research after the PhD; if the candidate has suffered significant setbacks (due, for instance, to health or welfare related issues) during their previous appointment; or if the candidate has or has had a teaching- or administration- intensive post-doctoral appointment, and has not been able to engage in full-time research.  Candidates who believe that they are in such circumstances as these should attach a brief explanation of their circumstances to their supporting statement.

The successful candidates will be required to conduct research of the highest quality in a subject relevant to the Roots of Responsibility ERC project. This will include producing publications to be submitted to journals, as book chapters and as internal reports. The Fellow will also participate in related activities, such as contributing new ideas for research projects, assisting in shaping the research agenda, and both attending and presenting at conferences and research workshops belonging to the Roots of Responsibility ERC project.

These fellowships offer early career researchers the opportunity to participate in a large-scale and interdisciplinary research project, and to develop their research within one of the world’s leading universities.

Here are the links to the application pages:

The fellowship at UCL: advertisement on and on the UCL website.

The fellowship at The Queen’s College, Oxford: advertisement on and on the Oxford website.

Informal enquiries concerning this vacancy may be made to the project’s administrator, Dr Yuuki Ohta, using the contact form.

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