John Hyman (L) and Peter Cane (R) during the lecture
John Hyman (L) and Peter Cane (R)

Professor Peter Cane (ANU and Cambridge) gave the first of the project’s special invited lectures on Thursday, 23 May, at the Senate House. His lecture was entitled “Responsibility in Law, Legal Theory and (Legal) Philosophy.”

The lecture as well as the subsequent discussion with the audience ranged widely, from various transformations in philosophical thinking about responsibility, the relation between brute facts and social facts, the fact/value distinction, to the mutual methodological and meta-theoretical interaction and interdependence between law and philosophy.

We thank Professor Cane for the stimulating talk on topics at the heart of the Roots of Responsibility ERC project.

In the spring term of each of the five years of the project, we will have two special lectures by leading scholars in philosophy and law. The second lecture in the series will be given by Professor John Dupré (Exeter) on Tuesday, 4 June 2019. See details of it here.

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