Fortune Favors Ignorance and Repels Virtue (1672), after a lost painting, by Giacinto Gimignani
Giacinto Gimignani, Fortune Favors Ignorance and Repels Virtue (after a lost painting, 1672). Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1986.1.346.

The first Roots of Responsibility workshop will be held on 14–15 December 2019. The theme is Responsibility, Knowledge, and Belief. This event is jointly sponsored by Dr Alexander Greenberg’s Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship project, Belief in Philosophy and the Criminal Law.

We thank all those who have registered their interest to attend this workshop on Eventbrite. As of the end of November, more people have registered than we will have room to accommodate. You can still register, but you will be put on the waiting list.

The titles and abstracts of the six papers that will be discussed are available here.

We are very much looking forward to this event, and to seeing all the participants whom we have been able to invite!


The schedule of the workshop is as follows (provisional—current as of 2 December):

Day 1 (Saturday 14 December)

10.30–11.00 Welcome & Coffee

11.00–13.00 Session 1
Alexander Sarch (Surrey) – “Evaluating Willful Ignorance in Criminal Law and Morality”
Respondent: David Campbell (Oxford/UCL)

13.00–14.00 Lunch

14.00–16.00 Session 2
Rik Peels (Amsterdam) – “The Roots of Culpable Ignorance”
Respondent: Claire Field (UCL)

16.00–18.00 Session 3
Doug Husak (Rutgers) – “Ignorance of Wrongdoing”
Respondent: James Manwaring (Cambridge)

19.00 –  Dinner at Da Paolo

Day 2 (Sunday 15 December)

9.30–11.30 Session 4
Kimberly Ferzan (Virginia) – “#BelieveWomen and the Presumption of Innocence: Clarifying the Questions for Law and Life”
Respondent: Neil Manson (Lancaster)

11.30–13.30 Session 5

Giada Fratantonio (Helsinki) – “Evidence, Proof, and Institutional Injustice”
Respondent: Costanza Porro (Hamburg)

13.30–14.30 Lunch

14.30–16.30 Session 6

Daniel Whiting (Southampton) – “Epistemic Worth”
Respondent: Simon-Pierre Chevarie Cossette (KCL)

16.30 Workshop ends

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