In each of the five years of the Roots of Responsibility ERC project, we have two special lectures by leading scholars in philosophy and law. Today, the project team is pleased to announce the speakers for these lectures for 2020 and 2021. Pictured above from left to right, they are:

Professor Brown and Professor Nelkin will give their lectures in May–June, 2021. Professor Ford’s lecture will be given in October or November, 2020. Specific dates of these lectures will be announced when they are decided.

But you can put the date of Professor Tadros’s lecture in your calendar; this will be on Thursday 21 May, 2020, from 16.00–18.00, in the Seminar Room (102), Department of Philosophy, UCL (19 Gordon Square).

Professor Tadros’s lecture is provisionally entitled “Treatment and Accountability.” He will discuss the difference between the two items in the title, critically examining the way Strawson drew the distinction between the two in his “Freedom and Resentment.” The abstract of the lecture will be published in due course.

These lectures are open to the public and everybody is welcome to attend, though space is limited, and everyone must register. Registration form will be set up in due course, and a link to it will be provided on this website. Enquiries about the lectures can be submitted via our message form.