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Dr Alexander Greenberg, who is Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at UCL working with RoR’s PI John Hyman on the project Belief in Philosophy and the Criminal Law, is running a visiting speaker seminar series in the UCL Philosophy Department this academic year (2020–21).

The seminar will focus on various psychological concepts that both have been discussed by philosophers and play a role in the criminal law, such as knowledge, belief, awareness, consciousness, intention, action, attempt, reason, and emotion. It will bring together legal and philosophical perspectives on these concepts and see how legal theory and philosophy can mutually inform one another.

Some of the seminars will be pre-read and some will be presentations. Each seminar will feature comments from a UCL respondent followed by a Q&A.

The seminars will take place Thursdays at 17:00-18:30 UK time on Zoom. Anyone interested in attending should email Dr Greenberg, with ‘Criminal Law and the Mind registration’ in the subject line, to be added to the mailing list for the seminars. In advance of each seminar, the subscribers will receive a Zoom link and the paper for the pre-read sessions.


Autumn Seminars

  • 15th October: Gideon Yaffe (Yale), “Intoxication, Recklessness, and Negligence” (pre-read)
  • 29th October: Katrina Sifferd (Elmhurst), “Legal insanity and moral knowledge: Why is a lack of moral knowledge related to a mental illness exculpatory?” (presentation)
  • 26th November: James Manwaring (Cambridge), “Insanity’s Wrongness Limb” (presentation)
  • 3rd December: Matt Matravers (York), “Mental Capacity in Conviction and Sentencing” (presentation)
  • 10th December: Michael Moore (Illinois), “Can We Maintain the Distinction Between Intention and Belief (so Crucial to Both Culpability and Permissibility Discriminations)?” (pre-read)
  • 17th December: Marcia Baron (Indiana), chapter (tbc) from Self-Defense, Reason, and the Law (book in progress) (pre-read)


Spring Seminars

(Dates and titles tbc)


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