In 2022, Roots of Responsibility established a collaboration with Professor Volodymyr Honcharov, who specialises in the philosophy of law and human rights at the Faculty of Law at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine. The upshot was an international research workshop on Responsibility, liability, and Society, held in Lviv in January 2023. RoR's PI Professor John Hyman and Deputy Director Yuuki Ohta travelled to Lviv together with a number of scholars from the UK and other parts of Europe, to participate in the event.

The seven presentations that the workshop comprised treated a wide range of themes, including authority, rationality, violence, excuses, and logical and mythological underpinnings of responsibility.  The event was tremendously rewarding. It was great to get to know and interact with the colleagues based in Ukraine, and to witness in person how life—intellectual as well as practical—has continued since the invasion. We were especially struck by the enthusiasm and hospitality of the students at the university. A group of them not only helped organising the workshop, but made excellent contributions to the discussion, showed us around the city of Lviv, and taught us much about Ukraine's history and culture.

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