I recently submitted my PhD in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews and the University of Stirling (expected September 2019). There, I was a member of the Arché Philosophical Research Centre and the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs. During my PhD, I spent time as a visiting research student at the University of Michigan. Previously, I completed an MPhilStud and BA in Philosophy at King's College London. In October 2019 I will join the Roots of Responsibility project as a ERC Research Fellow. My main areas of interest are Epistemology, Ethics, and Normativity.  

My work focuses on the consequences of false belief about normative requirements, primarily in the epistemic and moral domains. In my PhD thesis, I develop an account of epistemic appraisal according to which false normative belief can sometimes excuse, and use this to solve a puzzle of apparent intra-domain conflict that arises from the possibility of false belief about what rationality requires.

As a Research Fellow on the Roots of Responsibility project I plan to develop an account of the conditions under which false normative belief can excuse, considering the epistemic, moral, and legal domains, and focusing particularly on the relationship between epistemic capacities and blameworthiness.

See my personal website here.