I am currently finalising my DPhil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford (expected in September 2019). During my doctorate I have also been a Europaeum Scholar and worked on a project on European politics. Previously, I completed the BPhil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford in 2017 and a BA in Philosophy and Public Law at the University of Regensburg in 2015. From October 2019, I will hold an Extraordinary Junior Research Fellowship at The Queen’s College, Oxford and join Roots of Responsibility as a postdoc. My main areas of interest are legal and moral philosophy. 

In my PhD thesis “Voluntariness, Consent, and Justification” I develop a novel analysis of consent to medical procedures, which is based on a contractualist perspective. I argue that consent is voluntary unless it was due to an illegitimate influence and explain that an influence is illegitimate if and only if the person receiving consent cannot interpersonally justify to the person giving consent that he exerted or tolerated that influence. Interpersonal justification is based on the principles fundamental to the consenter-consentee relationship, e.g. the patient-physician relationship.  

As a postdoc on Roots of Responsibility, I will explore parallels between consent and responsibility, discuss the metaphysical presuppositions of liability and responsibility, and develop voluntariness as a key concept in moral philosophy, a concept to be distinguished from intentionality, freedom, free will, autonomy, and willingness. 

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